NOTE: Due to an industry-wide shortage of stock, there may be instances when we print your order on a similar stock without notice. As of August 2022 pricing is being updated. Please contact us for a quote.

Tags can be used to identify products or be used to keep track of inventory. ASAPpm offers both stock tags from Atlas or custom-sized tags for any special requirement. Looking for unique ways to personalize your message? Add a tag to thank a client or customer. Let us help you design a tag that will make your product stand out from the rest. Contact us today to get started!

Here are a few examples of tags that we have produced for our clients.

Atlas Tags with Wire

4.75 x 2.375Black 1-0500$125.00
4.75 x 2.375Black 1-01000$160.00
4.75 x 2.375Black 1-02500$295.00

Custom Tags

Corner cut and drilled

2x3.5 full colour 2 side 500$145.00
2x3.5 full colour 2 side 1000$195.00
2x3.5 full colour 2 side 2500$325.00