Tags can be used to identify products or be used to keep track of inventory. ASAPpm offers both stock tags from ATLAS or custom sized tags for any special requirement. Looking for unique ways to personalize your message? Add a tag to thank a client or customer. Here a few examples of tags that we have produced for our clients.

Atlas Tags with Wire

4.75 x 2.375Black 1-0500$125.00
4.75 x 2.375Black 1-01000$160.00
4.75 x 2.375Black 1-02500$295.00

Custom Tags

Corner cut and drilled

2x3.5 full colour 2 side 500$145.00
2x3.5 full colour 2 side 1000$195.00
2x3.5 full colour 2 side 2500$325.00