NOTE: Due to an industry-wide shortage of stock, there may be instances when we print your order on a similar stock without notice. As of August 2022 pricing is being updated. Please contact us for a quote.

Direct Mail can help get your message out. ASAPpm knows that running a small business means you need to maximize your marketing budget. Well, this is the time to get your direct mail material and save up to 50% on the following proven marketing methods. ASAPpm offers addressed mail to remind your clients you are ready and willing to offer your products and services. Need to introduce your services to a certain area of the city we can help. Our postal walks offer you an ideal way to target your message to an area that is ready to buy. Have your company brochure sent to all your contacts featuring any special offers or new services. Here are some great deals to get your business geared up and increase your bottom line.

Need help with design or layout? No problem ASAPpm has in-house graphic design and can create a visually appealing promotional piece. We can help with an offer and the message and have the expertise to create great print. Let us also help with landing pages and ROI stats so you are never left in the dark. Talk to one of our experienced staff today.

Addressed Postcard
  • Size 6×9
  • Full Colour 2 Sides
  • Aqueous Coated
  • 14pt Coated Card Stock
  • Postage Included
  • 1000 pieces $0.99 per
  • 5000 pieces $0.79 per
Direct Mail
Addressed Brochure with Envelope
  • 3 Panel Brochure 8.5 x 11
  • Full Colour
  • 100lb Gloss Text
  • #10 Envelope Addressed
  • Postage Included
  • 1000 pieces $1.35 per
  • 5000 pieces $0.95 per
Direct Mail
Unaddressed Postcards
  • Size 6×9
  • Full Colour 2 sides
  • 14 pt Coated Card Stock
  • Aqueous Coated
  • Postage Included
  • 5000 pieces $0.40 per
  • 25,000 pieces $0.35 per

Variable data printing (VDP) is a form of on-demand printing, where we are able to change elements such as text, graphics and images from one printed piece to the next, without stopping the printing process.

By taking customer data you already have, we can target your customers directly and increase the probability that your material will be noticed.

Variable Data Printing is best utilized if you:
  • Have a large mailing list(s) and want to personalize your printed materials
  • Have many employees that require business cards
  • Want to personalize greeting cards for special events (ie. galas, new years etc.)
  • For direct mail pieces lists can be supplied for anything from donations to renovations. We have the data to  help you choose what income and age you would like to target.
  • Personalized data can greatly increase your response rate which can be measured with custom landing pages or phone numbers so that you can see and modify your message to increase your responses from your direct mail campaign.
  • We have over 40 years of experience and specialized staff to help you in your variable data printing for direct mail needs. Contact us today at 613-270-8888 to get started.