Testimonials – March Networks

Testimonials – March Networks

March Networks asks ASAPpm to supply and deliver time sensitive marketing material for Trade Show requirement.

Testimonials – March Networks Dan Chaput Marketing Manager at March Networks had issues with his previous suppliers failing to deliver as promised. ASAPpm was their vendor for CD’s, business cards, show shirts, and other marketing material. Dan had always been happy with our service and pricing but was hesitant to move the printing of their data sheets from their other supplier, as these were critical pieces. John Cavanagh, President, and Greg Tomlinson, Senior Account Executive, met with Dan and reviewed his company’s requirements, ran test samples, and were finally awarded the printing contract. Dan Chaputs comments are below.
Testimonials - March Networks

For the first time in 3 years I have a perfect trade show order – You Guys Rock!

Thank you very much,