Every month or so we get requests from local sports teams and events for sponsorship. Sponsorship is a way for us to help out in our community with providing team/event related merchandise at a reduced cost, in return for some publicity for our shop. Unfortunately we can’t sponsor everybody.  Awhile ago Anne (the mother of Mat “Firecracker” Papineau) submitted a request through our website.

We were happy to take a look and see if this request was something we could help with. You see, Mat is a young Mixed Martial Arts(MMA) fighter who fights with Wreck MMA.  If you’ve ever watched Mixed Martial Arts (UFC, Strickeforce etc…) you can’t help but notice how much of a role sponsorship plays in this sport. So what a better way for us to get our logo into the world of one of the fastest growing sports, than by joining Team Firecracker!  We did t-shirts for their event, you can read the testimonial and see our work.

Step 1:

the artwork

The original artwork we had to work from was a good starting point. It gave us a visual reference for what the customer wanted. The plan was to make a Black T-Shirt with yellow imprint.

Step 2:

The Printing

We basically had to recreate all artwork to work with, in order to separate the art properly, and to be able to burn screens for silk screening. We used a cracked font for the wording and decided to go with placing our logo in white on the arms of the shirt.

Rather than using Plastisol ink we opted for discharge ink. While not as bright and vibrant, discharge ink removes the pigment in the shirt and replaces it with the colour of choice, leaving a “soft-touch”.  This type of ink won’t crack or peel after many washes and drying, unlike plastisol inks, which tend to do after time.