Variable Data direct mail

Variable data direct mail

ASAPpm can develop marketing using variable data direct mail for customers in the Ottawa area. A great way to contact potential clients and deliver your personalized message.  Printed on our state of the art digital 1085 Konica Minolta copier. Each print is unique and can include variable options for name, pictures and overall message.Variable data automates the production of personalized and relevant print communications that motivates recipients to respondmarketing using variable data direct mail. Whether used to acquire leads, increase sales or bolster customer loyalty.  ASAPpm understands the unique power of dynamic print within the realm of having variable data. As a tactile media in an increasingly online world, print and direct mail are unique in their ability to convey messages with impact and style. Contact one of our direct mail specialist to help build a custom mailing program for your individual needs. We can source data from your customer list such as date of purchase or last service and create a compelling program to drive sales from existing clientele. Need to find new clients? No problem we can offer mail solutions that will target your ideal customer profile. No more blanket mail drops we target and put a name on it to increase your response rate while lowering your mail costs.

Quick Facts on Direct Mail –  average unaddressed ad mail can achieve up to 2.5 % response rate and addressed and personalized up to a 6.5 % response rate

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Some of the most common print products  with variable data

  • Postcards
  • Brochures and Envelopes
  • Booklets
  • Coupons
  • Custom Die Cut products