CD DVD Packaging

STANDARD DVD Package from ASAPpm

CD DVD Packaging

Now that you have your project on CD (or DVD). You worked so hard on the content now it’s time to put it in a protective case or package.

At ASAPpm we have CD DVD Packaging options for every situation:

  • DVD cases 1-8 starting at      $0.45   ( not including printed inserts)

  • slim line case                              $0.40

  • standard jewel case                 $0.42

  • paper sleeve                               $0.11

  • vinyl sleeve                                 $0.28

  • tamper proof sleeves              $.038

  • clam shell                                     $0.42

We also offer custom made Cardboard mailers as well as digipak options . Please contact us for custom pricing.

DVD cases

DVD case printing

Made from commercial grade high quality plastics, these cases are heavy duty and feature secure disc hubs, to make sure your disc stays in place during transport.

available in

  • other colours
  • 1-8 disc capacity

Jewel Case


The most common case for your CD project. Clear plastic front, with a standard black tray for your media.

available in

  • white, clear or black tray for your media

Slimline Case


Just like the standard jewel case only slimmer. (does not allow a printed tray card insert)

available in

  • clear, white or black tray for media

Paper Sleeve


Paper sleeves are an economical way to protect your CDs and DVDs from scratches.  These disc sleeves require even less space than slim jewel cases. Back safety flap and front window.

Vinyl Sleeve


Clear plastic vinyl sleeve works great for putting your media inside a book or binder.



A simple plastic case for your media, opens like a clam shell.

Tamper Proof Sleeve


The opening for this sleeve is on the back, once the media is inserted, the sleeve is then adhered to a book cover or binder. A perforated opening is located on the front of sleeve for access later.