Are you looking to be part of a great team? Do you have a solid sales and marketing background in one of our industries? Want to offer your current clients more products and services? Looking to make top dollars and lead the companies future? ASAPpm is looking for a future partner or part owner who can take over and continue to add to 25 years of success and growth. If your dreams are bigger than  your current position then then this might be an ideal opportunity. Contact us today and let’s make tomorrow the start of a great future…


The team here at ASAP would like to tell you a little bit about themselves:


John Cavanagh

Phone: 613.270.8888 ext. 223
Cell: 613.852.8037

Owner and chief bottle washer
Enjoys boating sledding motorcycling and generally anything that goes fast including skiing with his 2 teenage daughters.
Pet Peeves : Line ups traffic jams and anything that goes slow…..


Jerri Benjamin
Customer Service – Retail & Promotional Manager

Phone: 613.270.8888 ext. 221
Cell: 613.851.7783

Customer Service Representative Retail and Promotional and baker at ASAPpm
Enjoys baking, drinking on a patio (not so much in the winter) and collecting hand bags.
Pet Peeve: being told no….. RUDE!


Robbin Zrudlo
Account Executive

Phone: 613.270.8888 ext 227
Cell: 613.263.2554

Robbin loves spending time outside in the country, sailing, having a pint, and singing barbershop.
Pet Peeves: people who back into parking spots, and light beer


Kiel Burwell
Apparel Decoration Specialist / Sales + Client Care

Enjoys: Music: Performing, recording, production, and all things music!  High level of appreciation for visual arts, but hopeless at drawing.  Prefers to make art of the auditory kind.

Pet Peeves: Ignorance, Fake news, people who think their opinion of things justifies the validity, Soundcloud Rappers


Dave Maeck
Graphic Designer

Enjoys RC Cars and the odd pint of beer.
Pet Peeve: People who think that professional wrassling is fake.


Jesse Morrison
Pre-press and Production Operations

Intermediate Nitpicker

Enjoys 90s cartoons, brain-rotting videogames, Newcastle Brown Ale, vacations, 20’n sunny days, dogs, and graphic design.

Pet Peeves: Slow computers, paper cuts, that screeching noise my car makes that sounds like I hit a pack of cats, literally every other driver around me.


Elisa Koon
Pre-press & Graphic Designer

Loves playing board games while doing hot yoga…Cooking with gas…. And watching super hero shows.

Pet Peeve: fuzzy pictures and too much text… getting out of parking lots…


Stacey Depres
Financial Controller

Phone: 613.270.8888 ext. 225

Enjoys riding her Harley especially if its doing collections…
Pet Peeve: slow drivers and slow payers…


Dan Deriger
Senior Press Operator

Head pressman at ASAPpm for last 15 years
Enjoys movies,working out and sport cars.
Pet Peeve: Drivers that drive faster than him or slower than him…..


George Kozoriz

Enjoys photography.
Pet Peeve: Bad Photoshop Work


Pascal Paquin
Screen Printer

Screen Printer and Gadget fixer at ASAPpm.
Passionate about anything that runs and enjoys taking things apart and putting them back together.
Pet Peeve: Going to the shopping mall when it’s busy.


Sam Deriger
Shipping & Receiving Manager

Phone: 613.270.8888 ext. 222

Enjoys animals including her five Chihuahua’s and Yoga as well as riding her scooter around town.
Pet Peeve: when her electric Scooter runs out of power before getting to her destination.



Pixie loves her job as the official greeter at ASAP.
She also enjoys talking to the staff and making sure there are no leftovers after lunch.
Her pet peeve is an empty water bowl.

Interested in joining us? You can see a list of available job opportunities here.