Marketing collateral every sales team needs

Marketing collateral every sales team needs

In today’s competitive market standing out from the competition and making the most out of each sales call is imperative. Here is how my company gains new clients with Marketing collateral every sales team needs.

Generally a sales cycle can take from 7 – 8 points of  contact to turn a prospect into a customer. With over 25 years of outside sales I have learned some tricks in order to get in front of decision makers and close deals.

Here is my key to success! start with a list.

  • 1)Current client list can help increase sales of existing customers.
  • 2)Prospects that have not bought from you yet.
  • 3)Vertical in which you have had previous success from such as a specific industry, and area of the city, or other demographics.
  • 4) Linkedin is a great way to build a list.
  • 5) Cold calls still a great way to establish sales 

Ok you have your list and now the cycle begins

1st Contact -Email and do a short introduction of your  products or services and ask for a meeting (give 2 option dates ) less than 5% reply

2nd Contact – Phone the contact to remind them of  the email and that your interested in meeting with them ( 1 week follow up) less than 5% reply

3rd Contact – Send a personalized note with a corporate brochure and asking for a meeting  (2 weeks later)  7% reply 2.00 COST

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4th Contact – Email to ask if they had received package and if they had a chance to meet next week (3 weeks later) less than 5% reply

5th Contact -Send out a promotional item explaining your interest in a meeting (4 weeks )  up to 10% response 3.50 COST


6th Contact -Visit the company B2B sales only (Bring goodies for the gate keeper ) sometimes they can give me the information and schedule an appointment for the contact. I also leave 2nd promotional item behind for the prospect. (5 weeks later)  up to 10% reply even if its to say they don’t require anything 5.00 COST


7th Contact – Do one more follow up email and phone mentioning a meeting (6 weeks) less than 10 %

8th Contact – Send out a departing gift which tells the prospect that you will not be contacting them again and should they ever need anything to                               contact you. This gets the best results telling a prospect you are not going to be contacting them again can be positive! ( up to 25% response)APPOINTMENT BOOKED! . 7 weeks 10.00 COST 


The end result.  I will get an opportunity to meet with a decision maker who over the course of 7-8 weeks  has had multiple touches in different ways. I go to the meeting loaded with our products and services including some great leave behinds like our Sales Kit Folder with 2-3 other promotional items highlighting our products and services. I listen I ask questions and I find a opening to carry the relationship past the meeting. So basically this is a cycle and if your sales people can close this is how to get them in front of potential clients….


COST to get Meeting $ 20.00 + Meeting leave behinds  = 15.00 Total = 35.00 + 3-4 hours of time invested = SALES