Marketing using direct mail and variable data

Marketing Using Direct Mail Variable Data

ASAPpm recently went through the process of updating our corporate literature. This was time consuming with many hours spent deciding on the look and feel, as well as message we were trying to deliver and how it would be received. In the end I think we achieved what we had intended. That being said the most important requirement was it needed to be seen. With so many ways of reaching customers, mail can be an expensive marketing tool that will quickly drain your marketing budget if it is not used properly. So we started with how do we get this into the buyers hands. We decided on a variable mail piece addressed to the individual within the organization that would be the person responsible for making purchasing decisions for our products and services. These were either purchasing agents or marketing managers. Further to that we narrowed down this by size of company and area in which they conducted business.  We also looked at vertical markets to see if there was more response from certain industries. This list can easily be purchased  through Canada Post or you may be able to achieve this through linkedin with a little work especially if its b2b sales. There are also publications that post information on business’s.

So far have…

Created a visually appealing booklet of our product and services –

Added relevant content with appealing offers- Free offer, No obligation offer, and Special offers.

Personalized name of prospect on front and back cover- this helps to make the piece more appealing to the person receiving it.

We decided to open up a bit of a debate as to the best way to entice the customer to review our company’s services.

My experience is there are essentially three ways to address this…..

OPTION 1) A teaser…. this is just a small tidbit of information that perks the readers curiosity and encourages them to read more.

Hey John

Ever wonder if anyone else is looking?



OPTION 2) Call to Action…..this is a message that creates urgency or excitement and can include an offer that speaks to the reader

Hey John

We can save you MONEY, increase SALES, reduce Stress! Interested?


OPTION 3) Appeal …… This speaks about who your company is and how it may help the reader make a decision to read on.

Hey John

ASAPpm is dedicated to helping companies like yours build their brand with effective marketing and communication strategies. Here is how we do it.


So we are putting this out in our social media circles to help determine which option will have the best overall result. if this is the 1st time your considering creating a direct mail marketing piece. Testing your offer or call to action is an important way to avoid spending money on campaigns that may not have the results you were hoping for.  Here are some stats I collected relating to outbound marketing.

Direct Mail –  average unaddressed ad-mail can achieve up to 2.5 % response rate and addressed and personalized up to a 6.5 % response rate

Compared to other outbound marketing direct mail can achieve desired results if done properly.

Email Campaign can have up to a 3-5 % open .012 click rate which means you would need a very large email pool. With anti spam laws this may be difficult to achieve.
Web – Organic Clicks ranked 1-5 on 1st page of Google achieve a 67.70 % of all web inquiries. This leaves less than 33% below 5th position and paid adwords
Social Media – 46% of web users look towards  social media when making a purchase.
Average Sales touches required to close a sale 4-5 and the secret here is to try and make it touch unique…Phone, Email, Mail, Promotional Item, In Person…






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