Kids are back to school

Ok everybody take a deep breath – it’s back to school time. The summer is quickly coming to and end even though the weather has been awesome. We have seen a real spike in work as everyone has returned from holidays and are trying to clear there desks.  So far this week we have been busy printing Truck Inspection NCR booklets for our good friends at Kott Lumber   Tony Olson and Stairworld. Our embroidery department has been busy with caps and shirts for Sciemetric. Our digital has been pumping out FCM books and March Network data sheets. I guess some exciting news would be our marketing department who always wants the attention has passed along these milestones for the week. Sept 5 – CFRA‘s ‘Ask The Experts’ radio segment showcased Neil Ritchie from Ritchie Feed & Seed as the resident Green Thumb Expert. Sept 16 – CTV was on-site at Ritchie Feed & Seed Windmill Lane location for a live remote for the morning show. Scheel Windows & Doors 1/2 page newspaper ad hit 245 000 homes from Arnprior to Orleans. Capital Optical 30th Anniversary marketing campaign kicks off in style with sales and promotions available online at: Okay enough about our marketing accomplishments I wanted to add we are proud of our ongoing partnership with Canadian Wildlife and just completed a a activity card which we sponsored and can be seen on our facebook page check it out and give us a like :) Have a great weekend everyone…….

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