ASAPpm offers Ottawa and clients throughout Canada multi media solutions. CD & DVD duplication is a great inexpensive way to get your message out . CD & DVD’s can offer text or video file content for a dynamic presentation. These are a cost effective alternative to printing manuals or presentations. They can be a great information or marketing tool. No need to be connected to the internet or wait for downloading. CD & DVD’s are available in silver or white base. Cd’s offer 700 mega-bites of capacity while DVD’s can store up to 4 Gigs. ASAPpm can create a visually appealing CD or DVD as well as creating content. Our graphic design department works closely with clients to ensure a professional finished product. Don’t need 100’s of copies of your CD or DVD? No problem. Digital transfer is ideal for low quantity runs. Need 20,000 copies? ASAPpm can deliver top quality offset printed CD & DVDs for large orders.