Embroidery Services

Our most popular embroidered items:

ASAPpm’s in-house embroidery allows us to ensure quality and timely deliveries of embroidered apparal, with no minimums.

Our embroidery boutique caters to clients looking for high quality design and applications on a wide variety of items.

Our embroidery department offers:

  • one-off individual pieces
  • multi-piece runs
  •  sew-out samples
  • digitization of artwork


DST File

Getting your art to work with embroidery involves a few slightly technical steps. Good thing we are here to help you through the process.

We first take your artwork or logo and create a DST file. This is a “digitized Stitch” file that our embroidery machines can read. (We are fortunate enough to have designers in house to ensure that your logo will work the best on any garment.)

We also make sure that your DST file will work best on the product  you would like to have embroidered. For example digitizing a file for a baseball cap is completely different than a t-shirt or on a knitted Toque

Once we have converted the image to a DST file, we will provide you with a sew-out that you can touch and feel, not just look at on a screen.

Once we have your DST on File it can be used again for similar type products that you may want to order for your next big event, meeting or trade show.

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